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Piglins indefinitely stand around dropped golden items if mobGriefing is disabled


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      If gamerule mobGriefing is set to false, piglins will indefinitely stand around dropped gold ingots, ignoring nearby mobs such as wither skeletons and players not wearing gold armor or opening chests. If a piglin in this state gets attacked by the player, only the attacked piglin will respond.

      This is contrasted with piglins continuing to attacking the player after picking up gold if mobGriefing is true, and all piglins normally turning hostile to attacking players. Zombies also ignore turtle eggs if mobGriefing is false, instead of attempting to stomp of them indefinitely.

      To reproduce

      • Set /gamerule mobGriefing false
      • Travel to the Nether, since piglins turn into zombie pigmen if in the Overworld
      • Spawn several piglins, and change to survival mode without wearing any gold armor
      • Drop a gold item (e.g. Gold Ingot) on the ground.
      • Spawn wither skeletons nearby, open containers, break blocks of gold, or attack one of the piglins and observe their behavior.

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