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Can teleport to invalid y coordinates and crash the game


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    • 20w11a
    • 20w07a, 20w08a
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      The bug

      Before 20w06a (the first Nether Update snapshot), teleporting to coordinates in any direction was unrestricted on coordinate value, which could cause kick or game crash when trying to teleport to extremely large values.

      This was temporarily fixed in 20w06a, but the fix prevented from teleporting to negative coordinates (MC-170951), and was reverted more than necessary.

      Since 20w07a, this issue still occurs only when teleporting to extremely large y coordinates (the value for x and z is now properly bounded).

      How to reproduce

      /tp ~ 1000000000000 ~

      Game freezes.

            mgatland [Mojang] Matthew Gatland
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