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Shields, crossbows, bows, and fishing rods don't show their proper animations in first person mode after certain actions


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      The bug

      After doing certain actions, the shield blocking animation is not displayed. If you right-click, you will see that the shield bobs up and down, indicating that the player is currently blocking with the shield. This also affects the loading animation for bows and crossbows (which the crossbow does not bob down to go in the middle), as well as the fishing rod's cast texture, and does not affect the third person camera modes.

      This bug is known to happen after the following actions:

      • Getting killed and respawning
      • Quitting to title and rejoining the world
      • Changing dimension
      • Using a water bucket
      • Equipping armor
      • Opening a container's inventory
      • Interacting with a villager or wandering trader
      • Switching to another hotbar slot

      (List may be incomplete)

      The bug no longer happens as soon as the affected item's inventory slot is updated.

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