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Recipe book and filtering craftable do not stay open for blast furnace and smoker when (re)loading the world


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      I wanted to add some information to the Minecraft Wiki on how blast furnace and smoker recipe books are saved being open when the world is closed. So I tried it and I didn't find new NBT data. I entered the world and realized that it wasn't saved at all.

      How to reproduce:

      1. In a world, open the recipe book and enable the filtering craftable option in the crafting table, furnace, blast furnace and smoker.
      2. Exit the world.
      3. Enter the world again.
      4. Right-click on each of the aforementioned blocks only to find that blast furnace and smoker do not keep the recipe book open.

      What I expected to happen was:

      All of the blocks' recipe books would stay open with the filtering craftable option enabled.

      What actually happened was:

      It worked only for the crafting table and the furnace.


      The crafting table uses the NBT tags "isGuiOpen" and "isFilteringCraftable" to save this information. The furnace uses "isFurnaceGuiOpen" and "isFurnaceFilteringCraftable". For the blast furnace, to fix the bug, "isBlastFurnaceGuiOpen" and "isBlastFurnaceFilteringCraftable" tags should be added, while for the smoker, "isSmokerGuiOpen" and "isSmokerFilteringCraftable" should be added.


      Sorry for the lag in the video below.

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