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Sprint swimming sometimes can't get you to climb out the top of water



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    • 1.15.1, 20w51a, 1.17.1
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      If you're sprint swimming, you can usually get out of water without pressing the jump key. If you swim a lot, you will get used to not pressing jump to get out.

      However, if the vertical component of your velocity is too low you will just get stuck at the surface of the water. You can still swim horizontally at full speed and still not get out, so it could make the player confused as to why they can't get out, since nothing seems wrong with their speed.

      To get out you will need to either swim down (rather unintuitive) to give yourself space to gain vertical velocity on your way back up , or you will need to press the jump key.

      Example situations giving rise to not having enough vertical velocity at the surface:

      • aiming for a hole in the ceiling of a waterlogged room, and colliding with the ceiling before making your way to the hole
      • having a trap door at the surface of a water entrance, and bumping into it before managing to open it
      • swimming along a 1 block tall channel of water then deciding you want to get out


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