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I found a bug .. with the dimonds ..



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      They should take the dimonds out of minecraft.  they don't really help the game play.  I don't mean to stereotype. but their girly.  they look kind of girly and it's like your playing with arts and crafts when you use them.  they should also take out the cats because cats aren't real minecraft animals.  you don't need things like dimonds or buckets in minecraft it's not really what mine craft was intended for.  the buckets are girly.  it's like if a miner walked around in a cave with a 'pretty metal bucket'.  I think the girls kind of messed up minecraft.  they need to create a different minecraft for the girls and it will be called minecraft vanilla.  because vanillia is a girls word.  they need to take out the dolphins. they are girly.  they don't build anything.  all they give you is fish meat they need to give you dolphin meat.  maybe an ender pearl.


      minecraft should be more about constant bombardment of mobs and the endermen should be more invadeing and like destroy all your creations constantly.  like sometimes ridiculously.  like in the air and they send the creepers.  sometimes your whole map get erassed and it's called the nuke. 


      you should have to pay to use dimonds in minecraft.  and it would be more about makeing jewlry and stuff but that be for a girl.  the minecraft vanilla would be like makeing clothing and darning socks.  and you have to sit there and darn socks and have a chest of darned socks and collect them. 


      minecraft is basically just a cheaper coppy cat of zelda.  it's kind of a glitch?  but it's okay just you have to add link and zelda but not link though because he wasn't spicific enough.  it be like dark link with out the hat. because they didn't have those hats back then.  and it should be that your a peasant farming not an actuall like you build the houses. 


      It should be more of a bad cheap knock off of zelda but it's dark link and he doesn't have a hat and your a peasant farming and the mobs are constant bombardment. and you have to send your farmed food to the kingdom.  and there still is red stone though but more spicific and also more realistic.  but like actually how electricity works and it's like wires.  and you have to solder and everything and you can make minecraft in minecraft. 


      The bees were kind of for a girl too. so please take them out.  it should be that in vanilla minecraft you play with the bees but in minecraft java it's more about mindless constant mineing like just a solid massive block of one type of rock.  and then you would get three coal. maybe it's less about useing a pick axe because that's not how they really mine and more of you have to use trucks and stuff and you mine massive amounts and just get like 3 dust. 


      and you should have to choose your actuall profession like either farmer or mob fighter or miner. so if you want to mine you would pick miner but then you wouldn't do much farming. 


      and it shouldn't be about actuall mineing it should be a war simulator.  bassically all the video games are really just call of duty if you think about it so wouldn't it just be call of duty.  but then whats the point of minecraft is that it's just cheaper graphics.  so like block graphics with call of duty style game play.  maybe your sword is a mealy weapon like the knife in call of duty but your gun is a bow and arrow.


      I don't mean to sterotype or something but girls ruined warhammer.  they made the space marines like a girls army.  the recent update.  and i think it's great that girls are getting into minecraft and warhammer but they need to have protocalls to make sure that girls don't make these franchises like a girl's game like aneta sarckeshien.  is zelda isn't a game about linkle it's about link cause otherwise what's the point of zelda is it's just a bunch of random midevial stuff like all the other games. so minecraft is like a game spicifcally about steeve the miner but he needs to actually be dressed as a miner. but it wouldn't make sense that it was steeve steeve would be like the farmer. but the game would be about dark link with out his hat.  but he gets other armor like in breath of the wild. so it's not link.


      when you make a video game you have to say what time period it is ?  is it the future or call of duty or the mediveal ages?  so you wanted to make a game about the midevial ages so it basically just be zelda but they allready made that game.  so you have to make your own characters.  and so it be a different princess and it would basically be a dark link without a hat with breath of the wild armor and then the sheild from minecraft and a stone axe.  but he uses dinomite. but then it's just about that character because why does minecraft have all these characters? 


      and it wouldn't be minecarts it would just be a train and it like loads you into the differnet maps like in minecraft the minecart wasnt that spicific.  cause what's the point of minecraft?  is that tetris is a puzzle game. and all the other games are basically just call of duty if you think about it so like zelda was like the earlier type of call of duty but now they have gun game mechanics so he would basically get a gun after a while.  or a sling shot basically.  and so then minecraft would be zelda then but they allready made zelda the video game. 


      and the physics should be fixed like the redstone would just be wires. but you can use the dust too. but like the minecart wouldn't be like a cheap un finished box that i know you guys haven't actually figured out completly yet.  so it be a train then.  but that just be roller coaster tycoon.  and they need to have like things like engines but you have to build the engines and you can make minecraft in minecraft and then hellicopters.


      all the dimond stuff should be taken out.  like even books.  because it isn't an actuall book.  if you want to read go pick up a book seperatly. but why would you read a book in a video game.  it would just be point and shoot.


      and it isn't difficult enough.  it would be basically constant bombardment of dungeons to explore but then why does the map automatically generate?  so basically it should just be like 12 levels like in call of duty and it would be like "dude have you played minecraft medieval conflict tales of the princess minecraft lady 3".


      and you should pick an actuall minecraft flag and take out the flags in minecraft like basically you can only make the 20 different countries anyways so basically it would be like you use coins like on ps4 store and physally have to purchase a flag or basically it would just be a poster but the game allready has a flag. 


      and also that there aren't any ships.  most of the map would just be water.  and the game would be like 12 or 8 levels and then one big map like in an actuall game and that's like the main objective map that goes to the different other dungeons.  and there isn't any other worlds.  you should decide now that you made the different biomes what the biome is for the whole game.  but if you want to make another biome that would be a sequal and wouldn't be the actuall different world. 




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