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Inconsistent behaviour when receiving items from placed blocks via right-click


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      Certain blocks in the world can be right-clicked, either with a bare hand or an associated tool, to receive new items from said block. However, the delivery of such items is not consistent between blocks:

      • Pumpkin (with shears) - pumpkin seeds items are generated at the pumpkin
      • Full bee nest or beehive (with shears) - honeycomb items are generated at the bee nest or beehive
      • Ready sweet berry bush - sweet berries items are generated at the bush
      • Flower pot with plant inside - plant item is placed directly into the inventory

      As can be seen from this list, the behaviour of the flower pot does not match the behaviour of all of the other items, as the item appears directly in the inventory instead of being dropped at the flower pot's position. As well as being inconsistent, this behaviour is also likely a cause of one case of MC-97507. The fix for this inconsistency (and the mentioned case of that issue) would be to instead drop the plant item at the location of the flower pot instead of having it generated within the inventory automatically.

      This post only lists cases where new items are generated; cases where existing items are replaced (e.g. filling buckets and bottles) should stay as they currently are.

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