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Enchanted Armor on Armorstand doesn't show it's enchanting glow inside and some Armor are not rendered or invisible


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      So there is some kind of visual bug to Armorstands, basically when there is Enchanted Armor visible on a Armorstand and looking inside, it is not showing it's glowing enchant.

      Some of the other Armors that is also visible on a Armorstand aren't either rendered or invisible, this is more noticeable to helmets. This might be only applied to the World Border nearby (seen below).

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Load up a world
      2. Place an armorstand
      3. Place any armor on there or all the same, including enchanted armor
      4. Look inside of the armorstand closely

      Comparisons of Diamond Armor and Enchanted Diamond Armor.

      Comparisons of Gold Armor and Enchanted Gold Armor, notice the Gold Armor is slightly invisible on the inside.

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