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Rapid cod spawning and despawning causing performance issues


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    • 20w10a
    • 1.15.1, 1.15.2, 20w06a
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      Similar to MC-134696 but I was told to create a new issue.

      The bug

      Cods can rapidly spawn and despawn. They don't respect their cap. This can cause 400+ cods to spawn, dropping the server performance. 

      This happens more regularly when moving into unloaded chunks, but this is not always required. After a minute the numbers go back down. I printed the number of cods in chat every 10 seconds and attached a screenshot with the results. 

      How to reproduce

      1. Load chunks near an ocean where cods spawn.
      2. Cods should start spawning immediately.
      3. /execute if entity @e[type=cod] shows how many cods are loaded. In my testing this could be as high as 500 entities.
      4. Notice the server performance has dropped significantly.

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