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Casting issue: Minecarts with chests are generated in the wrong positions in abandoned mineshafts at high coordinates


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      The bug

      When sufficiently far from spawn the chests in abandoned mineshafts generate offset from where they are supposed to be. In the case of the seed 8128991184153947862, at (19999998,19999892), this can cause them to spawn completely inside of blocks.

      How to reproduce

      1. Create a new world
      2. /tp 20000000 100 20000000
      3. /locate Mineshaft
      4. Travel to mineshaft
      5. /execute at @e[type=minecraft:chest_minecart] run summon minecraft:armor_stand ~ ~ ~
      6. /effect give @e[type=minecraft:armor_stand] glowing 10000
      7. Travel to the highlighted armor stands
        Note how the minecart with chests are offset from where they should normally be

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