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Can't trigger flying mode in creative while standing in the middle of 2×2 magma block bubble column


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      In creative mode, the player can start flying by double-tapping space, but cannot if they are standing in the center of 4 underwater magma blocks.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Build a 2×2 square of magma blocks underwater (must have water sources above) as shown:
      2. Stand in the center of the 4 magma blocks
      3. Double-tap spacebar

      Expected & Observed Results:

      → Flight mode will not be activated
      → Flight mode would be activated


      1. Related to MC-268947 MC-256811 MC-147790 MC-68453
      2. This behavior is unexpected when compared to the fact that the player can enter fly-mode when standing inside a single bubble column.
      3. This issue was updated after it's original triage date by Jingy on 3/5/2024 to be a bit clearer, but still retains it's original information.

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