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Entities are sometimes rendered too dark when changing heights


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      The bug

      Entities render too dark after they have changed their height. This probably happens because their hitbox intersects a solid block for a split second (see MC-165134).

      This affects mobs in singleplayer mode, as well as other players in multiplayer.

      To reproduce (mobs)

      1. Make mobs walk from a non-full block to a full block, e.g. by luring them with food
        Some of the mobs will appear dark for a short moment

      Note: This cannot always be reproduced, it is best to spawn multiple mobs at once.

      To reproduce (players)

      1. Be on a server with two players
      2. Player 1 walks from a non-full block (such as a slab, an enchanting table, farmland, or a grass path block) onto a solid block
        The player will appear dark for Player 2


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