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Bees immediately enter their nests/hives after leaving them


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      The bug

      I found a naturally generated bee nest with 2 bees and everything look right, until they entered the nest, they can't go out of it. they exit the hive for a split second then they go back.

      I also placed lots and lots of bee nests in creative mode and after a while, no bees wandering, just split second glimpses of they trying to get out. They spawn outside the bee nest and enter it again, after some time I managed to screenshot a split second bee, the image is attached (look how there are lots of nests and no bees. also look at the sound transcription, every second or so some bee fail to escape).

      Even with campfires underneath the bees won't go out.

      My theory is that, a bee can enter a bee nest, exit it, enter again, and then is stuck. in other words, they can exit the bee nest only once.


      Video by Flexico:

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