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Stream sounds don't loop properly



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      Hey there,

      it looks the new sound engine is not able to loop stream sounds properly. I came across this issue due to my mod AmbientSounds. Sounds kept looping too early. I finally managed to reproduce this issue with just vanilla.

      The issue is quite simple. The sounds start over too early, at exactly 5 seconds (even if the track is longer than that).

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Open minecraft
      • Select the resourcepack 'Soundstream Testpack' (do this before entering the world!)
      • Open the 'SoundTest' world
      • Listen

      I replaced the minecart riding sound file with one of my sounds from ambientsounds which is over a minute long. Furthermore I have added an acoustic signal at the start of the sound, so it's easier to recognize the loop. The original riding sound is not a stream, I replaced that in the resourcepack as well (but it looks like sometimes it's not overwritten correctly).

      Non stream sounds loop perfectly. Can also be tested by removing the sounds.json from the resourcepack. If you can't reproduce this issue make sure to start minecraft all over again and assign the resourcepack before entering a world. I have recorded a video of it as well [here|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BA1V7rzpEGs].

      (BTW, minecarts are bugged if you enter the world again. Not sure if this has been reported already)

      In Regards




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