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Trident Model is not rendered correctly when the model & display are different from the vanilla ones


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      In this 3D Texture Pack the "display" property in the JSON file is slightly different from the default one in vanilla Minecraft, it was displaying fine in most of the 1.15 snapshots until the recent rendering changes to Tridents came to the game, some of these leading to inconsistencies related to the trident

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Download and activate the following resource pack: 3D Trident.zip
      2. Equip a Trident and look it in third person view
        -> The Trident is not rendered in the correct position despite having the correct display values on the Model file (JSON)
      3. But is not only a display issue since this Trident resource pack is supposed to change its model as well, you can check this too by taking a close look at the model in game (In third person view) and compare it to the attached images I shared in this Ticket
        -> The game is not rendering the custom Trident model file, it just overrides this one with the default model in the Vanilla texture pack.

      These are the values that the Trident model has for the custom display in the texture pack.

      • In Hand
      • Throwing

      This affects both third & first person view

      The values for first person

      But not only the display has problems, this includes the model as well.

      As you can see the model for this texture pack is quite different

      And the vanilla model still overrides the one given by this texture pack.

      For personal testing, here is the Texture Pack:

      3D Trident.zip

        1. 2019-10-16_10.30.34.png
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        2. 2019-10-16_10.30.45.png
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        3. 2019-10-16_10.30.45-2.png
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        4. 2019-10-16_10.30.58.png
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        5. 2019-11-26_05.58.50.png
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        6. 2019-11-26_06.03.44.png
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        7. 3D Trident.zip
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        8. BetterTrident.zip
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        9. Captura de pantalla (614).png
          Captura de pantalla (614).png
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        10. Captura de pantalla (615).png
          Captura de pantalla (615).png
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