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    • 1.14.4
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    • Windows 10, Java edition.
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      Occasionally when I exit a boat near land, the boat will visually disappear and no longer be capable of being interacted with. If I try to walk into the block where the boat was, it will act as if there is an unmovable block there, If I jump on top of the boat, my character moves very slowly and choppy until I make it to the next block. Removing the blocks around it does nothing. I tried to place a block of cobblestone in the block, and it acted as if it had succeeded, taking the block out of my inventory, but there environment remained unchanged. I actually managed to lose 3 blocks of cobblestone. This last time it happened, my cat was in the boat with me. After exiting the boat, I could hear my poor cat meowing at me,  but it was also missing. Eventually, after walking away for a few minutes, the boat floated out of the block and reappeared with my cat in it. Everything returned to normal, although my blocks of cobblestone never came back. 

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            lily_megami Brandy Wiedmer
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