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Entities without transparency by default ignore transparency in resource packs


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    • 19w42a
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      Entities without transparency in their textures in the default resource pack completely ignore the alpha channel when a resource pack uses a texture with transparency.

      Ex.: Creepers and armor stands do not have transparency in the default resource pack and will ignore the alpha channel. If you replace their texture with a 100% transparent texture, they become a solid color instead. Items such as terracotta or stone are also affected (ex. displaying on armor stands, in your inventory, etc.).

      On the other hand, phantoms, slimes, villagers, etc. will respect transparency in textures in resource packs. Items such as stained glass and slime blocks will respect transparency wherever displayed.

      This did not occur in previous snapshots/versions of the game.

      • The attached images display an armor stand and creeper with completely transparent textures in 19w40a and 19w41a. The armor stand has a transparent item on it with partial transparency.
      • The attached resource pack makes creepers, armor stands, and villagers completely transparent. They should be invisible but are white instead. It also makes stone, white stained glass, and diamond sword items completely transparent, but stone appears white while the other two appear invisible.

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