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`location_check` dimension tests fail when the executing position is not loaded


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      When using a predicate to check for a dimension, the predicate will fail if the executing dimension matches the specified dimension but the chunk at the executing position is not loaded.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Save the following predicate to [yourdatapack]:data/mojira/predicates/in_the_nether
        	"condition": "minecraft:location_check",
        	"predicate": {
        		"dimension": "minecraft:nether"
      1. Run the following command from the overworld:
        execute in minecraft:the_nether if predicate mojira:in_the_nether

      -> The test fails. The test should pass, because the command is running in the nether, but the location check fails because the chunk is not loaded. If you forceload that chunk in the nether, the test will pass.

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