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Bees freeze if they cannot execute their current AI task / Bees don't seem to have a wandering AI


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      The bug

      Bees freeze if they cannot execute their current AI task and cannot pathfind to their current target, such as a player, a flower, or a bee hive/nest. This is probably the case because bees don't have a wandering AI and completely rely on their current target(s) for pathfinding.

      This issue seems to occur in multiple different scenarios:

      • Bee cannot find a flower or pathfind to a flower
      • Angry bee cannot pathfind to its attacker (MC-159676)
      • Bee cannot find a new home hive/nest or cannot pathfind to its home hive/nest, either after having pollinated a flower or after not finding a flower to pollinate

      The last case appears to happen most often. It seems like if a bee has not pollinated a flower for a while (about 3600 ticks, maybe a bit more) and does not have a home hive (which happens often, see MC-159418), this issue occurs.

      The fact that the bee does not have any animation when being stuck in the air is a client-side issue and also occurs in other circumstances. That issue is tracked in MC-159518.

      To reproduce

      There are many ways to reproduce this issue, however the most common way this happens is if a bee is too high up in the sky. That case is easily reproducible using the following steps:

      1. Spawn a bee at the top of the world, way above the ground
      2. Follow the bee for a while, until its TicksSincePollination value is at least 3600
      3. Wait a bit longer
        The bee will stand still

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