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Villagers pathfinding not working in multi level buildings and not sleeping



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      Villagers ignore some beds (THEY DONT HAVE A BLOCK OVER THE HEAD, AS THAT WILL CAUSE VILLAGERS TO IGNORE A BED) on some floors and dont ignore them on the ground level or2nd level or top level. TONS of villagers crowd the top level. levels are made of slabs, beds are on slabs, there is space of 2 blocks above beds, carpet used to be on the floor, but it was removed, didnt help. I've just gone back now after teleporting villagers in boats from the top to the ground (you teleport the boats with the villagers in them so you dont teleport all the villagers down and cause entity cramming), set it to night, and actually, villagers only sleep on the ground level, the top level(which for some reason all of the villagers head up there once it turns night even though all those beds are being slept in). I have tried making it that each layer has a block leading up to the level, as well as solid blocks under/in front of the beds, and none of it worked. If the villagers aren't in the top level, they are hanging out in some other level, not sleeping. If there ARE any villagers in the level, they usually just hang out. Since the video file was too big, watch this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yWQX1_499M&feature=youtu.be). As you can see in the video, the villagers eventually just go to the top and crowd there. Pretty much no villagers sleep in floors other then the top and ground level, and the ones that do either leave the bed once i come next to them, or, if they are a baby villager (weird, only the baby villagers will sleep in anything other then the top floor). I dont know exactly what would cause this, a pathfinding glitch, some sort of villagers recognizing beds glitch, but considering that all the villagers went to the top, and babies could sleep in the beds, i believe that it is a bit of both.


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