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Enchanted books with curses can be stacked using a grindstone


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      The bug

      You can stack two enchanted books together if they have the same curse enchantment on them, by putting them into the two slots of a grindstone.

      To reproduce

      1. Put down a grindstone
      2. Get two enchanted books with the same curse enchantment
      3. Put those two books into the left slots of the grindstone
        You'll be able to pick up a stack of two enchanted books from the right slot of the grindstone

      Original description

      i was disenchanting using a grindstone, and when i put 2 curse of vanishing books together, i expected it to just put an x and i wouldnt be able to do it. What actually happened was that the two books stacked. You can reproduce this bug by putting two books of vanishing in a grindstone together, then shift-clicking the outcome.

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