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Nether Portals aren't created with fire when a player isn't around. other wonky behavior



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.14.3
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      Windows 10 Home
      Java 11.0.3
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      I created a world to test out an idea with Items going through nether portals, which had a change in a recent update.

      basically the idea is you press a button the item goes through the portal and lands in a hopper. Based on the item thrown; all portals break (this doesn't work) and then the portal corresponding to the item is activated (also doesn't work)

      What currently happens though is that the portal that is chunk loaded by an item does work as intended, it takes a over 10 seconds for the game to realize that portal was destroyed but it does work. The one farther away on the otherhand only breaks and activates the portal when a player is near it and since the Redstone info seems to be stored until a player gets there all the dispenser activity happens at almost the exact same time, which maybe some extra unintended behavior.

      world download

      location of master portal
      -700 6 250

      location of second portal
      -1100 6 250

      throw lime wool in master portal for first portal (works)

      throw light blue in master portal for for second portal (only works after a player enters the nether and loads the chunk)

      for extra wonky behavior light both portals and throw light blue in the master wait about 30 seconds and when you enter you should see the second portal break and then reactivate at almost the same time.




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