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Repeating Command Blocks Won't work 1.14.1+



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.14.3
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      Windows 7 Home premium

      Java Version 8 update 191
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      Basically, I have a map that has plenty of repeating command blocks (always active) that are not working. If you replace the command block and put the same command in it, then it works like it should, but after some time (probably just when you quit the game and join again), the repeating command block stops working again. It's as if the command block wasn't on always active. Also, I made sure that every criterias to activate the commands were filled and that the command blocks were on always active, but even then, the commands would not work. Also, changing the command or switching the command block settings (always active or not, repeating, chained or impulse etc.) would not make it work again, only breaking it and placing the command back in it/placing a copy of the block (ctrl+mouse wheel, to keep the NBT of the original) would temporarily fix the problem.


      Here is a list of commands in repeating command blocks that does not work:

      (Boosts) If you are in a certain team and crouch and that your boost score is 0, you get an effect:

      Command#.1 (Repeat): /effect give @a[team=Speedster,scores={Crouch=1..,Boost=0}] minecraft:speed 8 13 true

      Command#.2 (Chained): /scoreboard players set @a[team=Speedster,scores=\{Crouch=1..,Boost=0}] Crouch 0


      Commands that says when the boosts are on or off (the "Boost" scoreboard is affected by eating rotten flesh): (these 4 commands run in a loop)

      Command #.1 (Repeat) /tellraw @a[scores=\{Boost=3}] {"text":"Boosts ON!","color":"dark_green"}

      Command#.2 (Chained): /scoreboard players set @a[scores=\{Boost=3}] Boost 0


      Command #.1 (Repeat): tellraw @a[scores=\{Boost=1}] {"text":"Boosts OFF!","color":"dark_red"}

      Command #.2 (Chained): scoreboard players set @a[scores=\{Boost=1}] Boost 2


      Here is a list of commands in repeating command blocks that does work:

      If you walk on light blue concrete, you get a speed boost:

      (Repeat): /execute at @a if block ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:light_blue_concrete run effect give @p[distance=..3] minecraft:speed 1 15


      Mobs have special effects:

      (Repeat): /execute at @e[type=creeper] run effect give @e[distance=0..1,type=creeper] minecraft:blindness 10 0 true


      From what I could see right now, the only commands on repeat that does not seem to work are the one that needs a specific criteria/another scoreboard objective to be activated (for exemple, having {boost=0} or {crouch=1..}).


      Because of that bug, a lot of features on my map doesn't work which is quite a problem for me, I would really appreciate it if you could fix this soon! Thank you!


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