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Mouse Sensitivity 1.14.3


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    • Minecraft 1.14.3
    • Unpredictable mouse sensitivity movements and zooming of POV. Playing on Hardcore on Windows 10 laptop after updating to 1.14.3 with my MX Anywhere 2S from Logitech which has been up to date. Was not experiencing this with any previous update.
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      After loading up the new updated version, I noticed my mouse movements moving much faster than normal. They were and have been at 100% sensitivity. I have been using an MX Anywhere 2S wireless mouse from Logitech, and it has been up to date. After lowering the sensitivity to 10% and slowing working back up, I also noticed that the movements of what I was doing were not the same on screen. At times, the crosshairs would jump sporadically, the POV seemed to be increased in a closer environment to other objects, and it has made the experience unplayable with this headache of unpredictability. Playing on Hardcore on a Windows 10 laptop, I do not intend to continue playing till I know this has been addressed for the sake of my created world.

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