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Chat/Command Block text editing not behaving right



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.14.2
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      My OS is Windows 10 Pro and I do not know my Java version currently.

      My Graphics is a GTX 1070 and my processor is an Intel i5-6600k with 16GB of ram.
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      When I hit backspace in MC Java versions 1.13.2 and below I found nothing wrong with text editing, seeing as I use it for my command creations. But when I wanted to create something with commands in 1.14.2(I later tested to see if the same problem occurred in 1.14 and it did) something very annoying happened. Seeing as you need to use caps sometimes when using commands, I am holding the Shift button often. In 1.13.2, if I hit Shift backspace, it would just act as if it was normal backspace, meaning it would only remove the character to the left. But in 1.14+, if I hit Shift backspace, it would remove the character to the left, and select the one to the right. Later on I was trying to select a large block of text using Shift+Left or Right Arrow, and normally it would move to the right or left when the "cursor" got there, but this time the cursor would just keep going and I wouldn't be able to see what i was selecting. That is as far as I have gotten before deciding to write this bug report.




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