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Villagers still glitch through walls getting out of bed



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.14.1
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      Windows 10, Java Edition , 1.14.1
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      Village system


      Re: MC-146360. It seems like if there is an open block next to the bed, the villager will now spawn on it which is an improvement. I disagree this is fixed though.

      Imagine you are inside a room that is wall to wall bed (i.e. in the game the interior of the room is 1 wide 3 high and 2 deep). There is a bed on the floor. You sleep in the bed at night (so far so good: in the game this works fine). But when you wake up, because there is no floor next to the bed your only choice is to stand on the bed. 

      It seems clear this is what should happen, but this is not what villagers do. If there is no spot next to the bed for them, villagers continue to glitch through walls even when there is space for them on top of the bed. I think if there is no spot next to the bed, but there is room over the bed, they should get out of bed by standing on the bed, like what you would do in real life.




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