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TPS unbearable when villagers are loaded


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    • Minecraft 1.14.1, Minecraft 1.14.2
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      I was on the server by myself and decided to update it to 1.14.1. The TPS went from 20 to 10.

      World Download, head North from spawn.

      I had a village I built with around 60 villagers. They had a 2-floor dormitory with 24 rooms. Each room was 3x3 (interior), had three beds against the wall, and had two entrance doors (on the outside of the block) separated by a single column. The stairs going up were 3-wide and had a 2-wide landing on either side. There were no work blocks within the dormitory. I had a single door on each side, and another in the front.

      I grouped work blocks of the same type together, and spread the groups throughout the village. There were three meeting spots. This was all contained with a 7-high, 1-thick wall, using a 3x3 piston door.

      I have collision disabled for Villagers.

      For whatever reason, (this occurs in both versions) for half of the day villagers don't make it very far towards their job or a meeting point before doing a 180, heading back through the dormitory door, and going in and out of a few dorm rooms. Another thing, I have a base near the village, and after placing my own cartography table, blast furnaces, etc a few villagers popped up with that job type, and they spend the entire day pressing into the corner leading towards my base. I tried breaking all the potential job blocks in my base and placing them in the village, but the villagers just ignore them and continue trying to get through the corner into my base. I don't know if these are related, and I can move them to another ticket later.

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