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Zombie Pigmen Anger Cooldown broken


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    • Minecraft 1.14.1
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    • Win7 64 bit

      java edition 1.14.1 official release

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    • Mob behaviour

      In Nether-realm:

      Sometimes, when striking a pig-man, the anger cool-down does not come into effect.

      waiting 5 mins without harming another pig-man, running 100 blocks away out of range, etc... does not seem to calm pig-men.
      remaining in chunks for hours , or leaving chunks for hours and re-entering after the chunk unloads does not calm the pig-men.

      Anger Effect possibly is global on all pig-men instead of just near-by pigmen.

      server restart remembers that pig-men are angry.

      pig-men continue to spawn angry.

      switching to peaceful, then switching the server back to PVE / PVP -
      the pigmen stop being angry during peaceful but remember they are angry when the server is switched back.

      Server admin had to clear ALL angry pig-men in ALL effected chunks using server commands in a spectator mode to stop the rage from spreading.

      Issue has appeared on some forums by other unknown users:

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