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Cured Zombie village has odd trades/behavior



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    • Minecraft 1.14
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    • OS, Windows 10

      Java, 8 191

      Server running -Xms1G -Xmx3G and is hosted locally on same machine I am playing on.
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      There is something off with the trade/village system for cured zombies on a server for 1.14. 


      I cured a Zombie and then made him a butcher.  All of his trades have crossed out values and only cost 1 every time I go to trade.  When I trade a stack of 64 chicken (which shows 7 crossed out with a 1) It removes 8 chicken from my inventory and gives me 8 emeralds in the trade menu, but when I close the trade menu, it takes 56 chicken out of my inventory.  This leads me to believe the game is actually using the crossed out values for the trade and not the "1" that the trade menu is indicating. If I go to trade with only 1 chicken in my inventory, it shows it will trade but will glitch out and return the chicken back to my inventory without completing the trade.


      I cured a second zombie and made him a farmer.  I placed some farmland by his composter and gave him some carrots.  He will not plant the carrots or harvest the carrots that are fully grown. This crushed my hopes of making an auto carrot farm.


      I placed an additional 10 beds down and the butcher and farmer began breeding.  When the children grew up I made them librarians and armorers.  All their trades exhibit signs similar to the butcher where the crossed out values are the true values and it glitches out when I enter a trade with less then the crossed out value.


      I removed the workstations which should result in the novice level villagers I havent previously traded with becoming unemployed.  Instead they keep their professions and walk around angry.


      I made a toolsmith and was trying to level him up, but after he hit apprentice, trading with him was giving him so little experience that it was going to take 100's of trades.


      Finally, the villagers will not stop breeding.  At this point there are only 12 beds in the village but well over 20 villagers.  The only villager I have given carrots to was the Farmer and that was only a stack of 64.  Villagers I havent traded with and don't have carrots are breeding and show no signs of letting up.


      Again, this is all happening on a local 1.14 sever I had set up for my friends and I.  Let me know if you want any additional details.












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