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Cartography Table erases Map#0


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    • 20w09a
    • Minecraft 1.14
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    • Mineraft Java
      Windows 10
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      The results of this bug varies: The map can be erased, or be replaced by another map.


      1) Get 2 maps, a piece of paper, and a cartography table. The first map is Map#0.

      2) Place the second map in the cartography table with a piece of paper

      3) Pull out the new map with left-click, and place it back in the cartography table (it appears as Map#0 if you hover over it)

      4) Either exit the table or shift-click the map, or pickup the map to put it back in your inventory.

      5) Map#0 may be erased or take on the appearance of the second map.

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