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Zombie Villagers cured into regular villagers lose numeric values on trades


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    • Minecraft 1.14, Minecraft 1.14.1, 23w03a
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      I had two villagers, a master farmer and a novice librarian. i had traded with both, so their trades were locked.

      they got turned into zombie villagers, so i cured them. when they came back they still had the same trades and levels, but all their trades except the potato/carrot novice trades from the farmer cost exactly 1 emerald or 1 of the item they give an emerald for.

      So, I have bookshelves for 1 emerald, and i can sell books for 1 emerald. infinite emeralds. Mending book is 1 emerald and a book. I can sell 1 melon for 1 emerald. All of their trades except carrot/potato are like this.

      I tried relogging, to see if it was a visual bug, it was not. My friend came and looked at the trades and they were normal values for him, so I'm the only one with access to these trades.

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