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Cartographer trade freezes the game on 1.13.2


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    • Minecraft 1.13.2
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      Since 1.13.2 I have encountered this bug on singleplayer game.

      This is an issue that still is in the game.

      Whenever I try to buy an "Empty Map" from a Cartographer the game freezes. 

      All mobs stop moving and making sounds, the sun stops and I can no longer interact with most blocks (like bed, crafting table and the villagers too). I can destroy grass tho.

      If I close and restart the game, it turns out we never made any trade, as I don't have the map I previously purchased, and all my emaralds are still in inventory. The trade pretty much never happend, or it wasn't saved.


      It happens to me only when I try to buy an "empty map" or when i trade paper to them.

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