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Heavily traded villagers from 1.13 are buggy and can allow infinite trading


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    • Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 5
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      1.13.2 world loaded up in 1.14 PR4 and then PR5
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      I have a Toolsmith that was heavily traded with in 1.13.  When I look at that villager in 1.14 Pre 5, it just says "Toolsmith" and no XP bar.  All the trades I'd expect to see from 1.13 are present, but no matter how much I trade, it never unlocks shovels or anything or changes to "Master Toolsmith".  Again, there's simply no XP bar journeyman thing present.


      And trade I can!  The diamond pick NEVER trades out.  I can trade infinitely, as long as the emeralds hold out.  All the other trades will trade out.

      I have another toolsmith I never traded much with that did show up with Journeyman XP and still all the 1.13 trades unlocked (including the diamond pick) and then it goes and I get another pick from the vendor as I level it and eventually the shovel and then that's it.

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