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Leads in unloaded chunks break, become invisible or connect to an invisible target far away


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      Since I was given the ticket to this issue, I decided to make some changes to make this report a bit more informative. For full information, see MC-96024. I'm just going to sum it up shortly in this report.

      The bug

      If you connect any animals to a lead, then place the lead on a fence, then go far away from them (Until they become unloaded), then go back, there is going to be most of the times one of these issues occurring:

      1. The lead will simply break and drop as an item on the ground.
      2. The lead will become invisible, sometimes unloading and reloading will fix this issue, sometimes not. If this occurrence happens, the client will think the animal isn't actually leashed, and you can right click it to leash it, however due to this being only client side, you cannot place the lead on a fence.
      3. The leads will glitch out and connect to an invisible target far away (See pictures). Following the lead for a bit of time will fix this, or, in some cases, make occurrence #1 happen.

      I have yet to find a way to, using command blocks, leash the animals back. I'm not exactly sure how the leashing part works technically. It seems like there are two tags for every mob that are related to leads, but all they do is place a lead on the specified location, not connect the animal to it.

      Code analysis

      Code analysis by corosus can be found in this comment.

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