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T-flipflop works inconsistently when build. When copied/pasted with a structure block, working flipflops may become broken and vice versa



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      I build some T-Flip-Flops, all the same, but they didn’t all work.

      I build the first picture by hand. The TFFs will work as long as one of the 2 inputs are able to deliver a signal, the dust and wool is there to show which input works, when a signal is delivered to the bottom dropper (pointing upwards).


      In the second picture, I wanted to move the showcase of TFFs, so I used a structure block and copied it to somewhere else, but somehow, that made all the TFFs work.

      -Picture 1, build by hand

       Picture 2, copied by structure block

       This made me wonder what might have made all of the inputs work, so I came up the idea that it had something to do with which direction I was facing when placing the bottom dropper (pointing upwards).

      Therefore, I made this:

       The direction blocks at the bottom, shows which way I was facing when placing the dropper (facing upwards). The wool tell which input works as intended. I then copied this and made the TFFs face 90° to the side, then THIS happened.


       In the world tn looks like this, which is easier to compare.


      Some flip-flops work/don’t work, and when copied/build in other directions, they either start working or stop working. Then I thought that it might now have something to do with the bottom dropper facing upwards, but something else in the builds.

      If you compare them, you should be able to tell the inconsistency between the ones working and the ones who don’t. As mentioned earlier, some started working after they were copied and pasted somewhere else, maybe that process changes whatever is not working?

      This T-Flip-Flop design uses 3 droppers, 1 hopper, 1 redstone comparator, 1 glowstone lamp to indicate output, 1 item to cycle through the build, and a redstone input to the bottom dropper (or 1 stone button on the top front dropper).

      The bottom dropper is supposed to drop an item up into the top dropper, where that will then output a signal, for as long the item stays there. Upon receiving a second input signal, the item will be dropped into the third dropper and down into a hopper, which will transfer the item back into the button dropper.

      As I’ve been  experimenting further while writing this, I  have discovered that when the build doesn’t work, it’s because, after receiving an input and dropping the item up into the next dropper, that dropper, instead of keeping the item, it will continue to drop  it further to the next dropper, which  will  complete a  full cycle, where it  is only supposed  to  do ½ of a cycle.

      This doesn’t make any sense, sine the build sometimes works with the input from one side, but not the other. Here is a very clear example of the same input bot working and not working.


      While this build is mirrored, the bottom dropper is placed the same on each of them. The two sides marked with blue wool, shows that it will receive an input and drop the cycling item properly on one side, while it won’t do the same on the other side. The input side of each dropper is the same, so why is this happening?

      I think this is a bug. With all the mirrored builds and the inconsistency between them, I’m pretty sure that something is off.


      In this report I will also include a zip file with the world save, in which this happened, along with a pdf of this report.


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