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When trying to sleep in a bed in the nether or the end that is occupied by a villager, the bed explodes



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    • Minecraft 19w11b, Minecraft 19w12b
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      The bug

      When trying to sleep in a bed in the nether (or the end) that is occupied by a villager, the bed explodes. This might be intended.

      To reproduce

      1. Go into the nether or the end
      2. Place a bed
      3. Spawn a villager
      4. Run /time set midnight
      5. The villager will go to sleep (MC-146515)
      6. The bed won't explode (MC-145964)
      7. Try to sleep in the bed
      8. The bed will explode

      Original description

      Set time to midnight using /time set midnight.

      Spawn a villager in the overworld, next to a bed and worksite block. Villager gets its profession and gets into bed. Bed blockstate changes, and bed is marked occupied. Players cannot enter the bed.

      Navigate to nether (I used /execute in... & tp); repeat the process. Bed still changes to the occupied state. Villager does not cause a bedsplosion. If a player attempts to enter the bed, bedsplosion occurs.

      Expected outcome:
      Either villagers should cause a bedsplosion in the nether, or players should be blocked from causing the bedsplosion when a villager is in a bed in the nether.

      I assume this same behavior is exhibited in the end.


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