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Arrows and tridents spawned with /summon in a world spawn point too far from (0,0) causes game performance to plummet


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      The bug

      If the world spawn point is too far from (0,0), summoning an arrow or trident in the air causes the game to lag incredibly (to basically unplayable ticks per second) until the arrow or trident hits a block.

      How to reproduce

      1. Press Alt+F3 and watch the TPS graph
      2. Set the world spawn with /setworldspawn at (0,0)
      3. Run the command with either the given sound or any sound and observe that there is no TPS lag /summon arrow ~ ~50 ~ or /summon trident ~ ~50 ~
      4. Teleport to 1000 ~ 0 and set the world spawn at (1000, 0)
      5. Run the command, but only ONCE (just a few more will cause your game to stop running) /summon arrow ~ ~50 ~ or /summon trident ~ ~50 ~
      6. The further the world spawn is from (0,0), the worse the TPS lag

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