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When I got a new skin, I joined a new world before I logged back out, and when slimes spawned, part of the leg texture replaced the slime texture.



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      Time: 6:21PM (GMT)
      Date:2/28/2019 (UK Format)

      Today, I logged into Minecraft and changed my skin to a new one. I created a new world before this, and I played around in it for a few minutes. After this, I went back to it before logging off to change my skin, to see if it anything would happen, because I was wondering if it would continue or not. However, as soon as I spawned in, I noticed that the textures of the mob named 'slime' was replaced with the texture of the leg of the skin I had just used. It never said for you to refresh the game either, like it does when you change your player username. Maybe change the text in the Minecraft skin change (the official one on the (https://minecraft.net website) to say to log out and log back in to minecraft.

      UPDATE: 6:33PM
      I tried resetting my skin, did not work. Looks like it might only effect custom skins.

      UPDATE: 6:55 PM

      Might have been a bug that effects you once, or only happens when you have changed your skin once (eg say you had a boy skin and you change it to a gamer skin, if you change to another skin in the process the glitch would not work).

      UPDATE: 6:41

      Strangely enough, using the skin again (the second one) didn't work. I believe I needed to wait about a minute or so as it takes time for these things to come through to the system.

      I was playing on a superflat world, with normal grass and such, and it was creative mode. No structures were on. I had commands on as I did /gamerule doMobSpawning false (mobs had already spawned before)
      Website I used skins from which preformed this bug/glitch:

      https://www.minecraftskins.com (skindex)

      I uploaded the second skin from my desktop, as I downloaded it from the website. Skin number 2 had two layers.




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