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Miscalculation of camera position in windowed mode on Linux


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      Mod Notice

      To work around this issue, try disabling "Raw Input" in Options → Controls → Mouse Settings.

      While in windowed mode, moving the mouse causes the in-game camera to rotate in a glitchy manner, in a seemingly random direction, which makes the game very hard to play. The faster the mouse is moved, the more pronounced the issue becomes.

      Example video of the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK0o0rVldZ8

      In the video I am moving my mouse side to side, and returning it to the middle (parallel to the ground) when the problem happens.

      A workaround I found is that this problem doesn't happen in touchscreen mode. But playing using touchscreen mode is not easy with the mouse either, so a proper fix is very much needed.

      This problem started happening in 19w06a, so 19w05a and prior are not affected for me.

      The mouse used doesn't affect the bug, tried with a generic Gembird mouse, generic Logitech mouse and Razer Taipan.

      The world chosen doesn't affect the problem, it happens on new, old, regular and superflat worlds.

      It happens in singleplayer, when connected to a local server hosted on the same PC and a server hosted ~50 ms away from the client.

      When my friend connects to said server, she doesn't have this problem. She also doesn't experience it in singleplayer. The major difference our systems have is the OS we use.

      This leads me to believe that the problem is probably caused by the Desktop Environment I use (version specified in the Environment section). Because this problem doesn't happen in previous MC versions on the same machine, I think that some change in 19w06a somehow affects the way Minecraft handles mouse input which doesn't play well with the way KDE handles mouse movement.

      Tested on XFCE, this problem doesn't happen. It happens only in KDE Plasma.

      Tested on KDE again, but this time in fullscreen instead of windowed mode, when the game is fullscreen the problem doesn't happen.


      A small update, I have a new computer now and it seems that on a fresh install of Linux with KDE/Kwin this issue doesn't happen. It's possible that because I switched from an Nvidia graphics card to an AMD one, the change in drivers and X-server settings affected if this problem happens or not. LWJGL version changed in MultiMC when I reinstalled everything.

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