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Some slots in the top right of the survival inventory cannot be used



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      Mod Notice

      Try to disable the Xbox Game Bar in order to fix this issue. You can toggle the Xbox Game Bar overlay by pressing Windows+G.

      The bug

      Some slots in the top right of the inventory cannot be accessed in the survival inventory. Players have reported that upon hovering over these slots, the game starts lagging, and they can only access the items in these slots by opening a chest.

      Original description

      In your inventory, the right side of the inventory, beneath the green book, causes the slots around it to be inaccessible. You can only move and place items in there if you open a chest while doing so. The bug ended after a short while, and I have no idea how it was undone, but it usually happens right when you load a world. Couldn't find any information or other reports, so I don't know if this is common, or I didn't look hard enough.


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