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Green item frame map markers are not removed in all cases


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      The bug

      The green icon / marker displayed on a map when a copy of it is placed in an item frame is not removed in all situations.

      Affected situations

      Basically everything which does not call EntityItemFrame.removeItem(ItemStack) (MCP name)

      • When destroyed by explosion
      • When /killed
      • When map was removed by updating NBT
      • When ItemDropChance value prevents dropping
      • When gamerule doEntityDrops is false and item frame breaks, e.g. by removing supporting block

      How to reproduce

      1. Switch to Creative mode for simplicity
      2. Create a map
      3. Place an item frame and place the map in it
      4. Use one of the affected situations described above
        The green icon remains even though the map is not inside the item frame anymore

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