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Book page flipping sound seems to only play on left or right channel depending on player's position


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    • Minecraft 19w12a
    • Minecraft 19w02a, Minecraft 19w11b
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      Flipping a book page seems to play the sound only at the left OR right channels according to the player's X rotation.

      Facing 0º (south) seems to play the sound coming from the left, while facing 180º (north) seems to play it only at the right. About 45º (or 135º) is the point where the sound seems to be balanced between both channels, though it plays at a slightly lower volume (probably since it's being distributed along the two channels instead of coming out fully at just one). Having subtitles enabled allows you to clearly observe how the arrow changes direction as you go beyond the 45º mark and back.

      It looks like the sound event might be getting played, rather than globally, at a certain world position that's offset from the player towards a certain direction, which makes it reach the player differently according to where they're facing. What I expected was for it to play in the same exact way regardless of where the player is facing, in the same way as the GUI clicking sound would, for example.

      Watch the attached video with headphones to get a clearer idea (pay special attention to the subtitle arrows in the bottom right corner).

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Enable subtitles for clearer visualization. Also, make sure to use headphones.
      2. Get a book and quill or written book (make sure it has at least two pages).
      3. With the help of the debug screen (F3), face south (0º).
      4. Open the book and flip the page.
        Notice how the sound will come mostly from the right.
      5. Now face north (180º) and repeat step 4.
        The sound will now come mostly from the left.
      6. Face 45º and flip some pages once again.
         Tilting your head to the left or right from the 45º angle will shift the arrow direction in the subtitle.

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