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      The bug

      After downloading the new update none of the mobs move. Not farm animals, hostile mobs, fish, or any of them. They will spin in place as if looking around but they will not move from that spot unless pulled by a lead. I created a new world to test this just in case the old world was glitched but the new world mobs do the same. Standing in front of a husk in survival mode did nothing. Hitting a cow causes damage and it will jump but it won't run away. Bats hover around but they don't travel. Even with wheat the cows and sheep won't follow you. They look but will not walk towards you and trying to breed them they will stare at each other but will not move towards each other. This also causes them to not grow up.

      Hostile mobs do spawn and chase but baby zombies/zombie variants (baby husk, baby zombie, etc) do not. The husk I spawned earlier was a baby one so I just went in to test this then found a naturally spawned baby zombie and it still didn't chase. "Adult" zombies will chase and attack but the baby ones will not.

      As stated in the comments mobs spawned by eggs do move. I spawned a cat and it ran away but the one in the village already didn't, I spawned a cow and it ran when hit but when I hit a cow that was already spawned naturally by the game it just stood there. Naturally spawned wolves are growling at a skeleton but they're not moving. Spawning one in and it will attack. Pillagers move but villagers do not.

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