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Joining the world outside of the spawn chunks results in client side desync


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    • Minecraft 19w03b
    • Minecraft 19w02a, Minecraft 19w03a
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      The bug

      When joining the world outside of the spawn chunks, it seems that the player is not tracked and results in the same client side desync as MC-92916.

      The side effects, listed in MC-92916, include being stuck in bed, not being able to deploy elytra, lack of damage sounds, etc.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Teleport yourself outside of the spawn chunks
        /tp 10000 100 10000
      2. Leave the game and rejoin the world

      Try any of the issues mentioned above.

      • Set the time to night, sleep in a bed, and attempt to leave it
        → Notice you are stuck
      • Try to fly with an elytra
        → Notice it does not deploy
      • Set yourself to survival mode and take damage
        → Notice there are no sounds

      This seems to be caused by the game putting the player in the world before the chunk is loaded. As a side note, it is noticeably quicker to join the game while in the spawn chunks than it is to join outside them.

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