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minecraft 18w50a is super lagy


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      so i just loaded up 18w50a on my laptop that i use to play minecraft. I have 6 GB of ram allocated to the game and it runs OK. that is until i start moving towards the edge of the loaded map when i get to where the map should have loaded in it is just blank for at least a minuet and if i try to walk into that area i start to glitch and sink downwards past the base of the ground i just walked off of. also if i break a block or kill an animal near the edge of the loaded are it drops the item but wont let me pick it up till the nearby chunk that wont load has loaded. Where as when i play on 1.13.2 it tends to load much quicker and if it doesn't load a chunk it still loads the hit box for the blocks and so im able to force it to update the chunk by placing a torch or other block is there any suggestions you guys could give me to make the game run a bit smother

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