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The interactions between a biome and another biome and its variants are inconsistent


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      The bug

      There are various inconsistencies in the generation of biomes - e.g. one biome may not interact with another the same way as its variants would. Below is a table showing the biome(s) affected, a description of how the biomes are affected, an example location (with seed and coordinates), a picture showing the issue, and notes about the way the biomes generate (if necessary).

      Picture Affected Biome(s) Description Location Notes
      Jungle, Jungle Edge, Taiga, Taiga Mountains Jungles do not generate an edge variant when next to Taigas, but do when next to Taiga Mountains. Seed: -1580711404094200176
      /teleport @s 1750.5 100 2039.5 45.0 20.0
      Jungle, Jungle Edge, Forest, Flower Forest Jungles do not generate an edge variant when next to Forests, but do when next to Flower Forests. Seed: -1580711404094200176
      /teleport @s -31155.5 104 151.5 150.0 35.0
      Snowy Tundra, Snowy Mountains, Ice Spikes, Snowy Taiga, Frozen River, River Frozen Rivers only run through Snowy Tundras; regular rivers run through its variants and Cold Taigas. Seed: -1580711404094200176
      /teleport @s -3214.5 125 3671.5 140.0 60.0
      Mountains, Wooded Mountains, Gravelly Mountains, Gravelly Mountains+, Stone Beach, Beach Mountains and Wooded Mountains are bordered by a stone beach next to the ocean; Gravelly Mountains and Gravelly Mountains+ are bordered by regular beaches. Seed: -1580711404094200176
      /teleport @s 678.5 120 -57895.5 120.0 55.0
      First described in MC-132429
      Badlands, Eroded Badlands, Beach Badlands aren't bordered by beaches next to the ocean, while Eroded Badlands are. Seed: -1580711404094200176
      /teleport @s -23204.5 108 -3147.5 -120.0 45.0
      Swamp, Swamp Hills, Beach Swamps are not bordered by a beach when against an ocean, while Swamp Hills are. Seed: -1341054754194823994
      /teleport @s -874.5 108 805.5 -120.0 45.0
      First described in MC-132175
      Badlands, Eroded Badlands, Desert Eroded Badlands aren't bordered by a desert when against another biome, however badlands are. Seed: 6294815784907726622
      /teleport @s -3335.5 136 -427.5 -50.0 45.0
      First decribed in MC-137066, also described on the Minecraft Wiki
      Jungle Edge, Modified Jungle Edge, Swamp Hills Modified Jungle Edges only generate next to Swamp Hills biomes. Seed: 10101
      /teleport @s -634.5 108 184.5 30.0 5.0
      First described in MC-140151

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