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Adventure mode does not prevent dyeing signs


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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Minecraft 19w12a
    • Minecraft 18w44a, Minecraft 18w45a, Minecraft 18w49a, Minecraft 18w50a, Minecraft 19w02a, Minecraft 19w03a, Minecraft 19w03b, Minecraft 19w03c, Minecraft 19w04a, Minecraft 19w04b, Minecraft 19w05a, Minecraft 19w06a, Minecraft 19w07a, Minecraft 19w08b, Minecraft 19w09a, Minecraft 19w11a, Minecraft 19w11b
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      How to reproduce

      1. Place a sign with text on it
      2. Get some dye
      3. Enter adventure mode
      4. Use dye on sign


      Since adventure mode players can't edit blocks they should not be able to dye the sign.
      This is important because important information is often communicated on signs in maps and areas where the player is expected not to be able to break stuff. Changing the color may cause ugliness or in the worst case, cause the sign to become very hard to read.

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