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Ender pearl forgets owner after reload(of game or chunks)



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           This bug is a strange one and can be quite annoying. I was testing if ender pearls after the 1.13 update still remembered their owners after being reloaded, to my surprise something changed and now they do not. I was testing with the data command and snowballs retain this information after being reloaded, but ender pearls for some reason forget there owner tag in the nbt tags.

          Now let me make it clear when I say "reload" I mean unloaded when a player moves away then reloads the chunks, or when you exit your would then open it again. This is what a reload means in this case, and not the command reload.

          The reason this bug needs to be addressed is because Ender Porting is the only fast way of transportation when we're talking in the millions of blocks. This is rendered impossible by this bug. It's also not consistent with the behavior of snowballs, wolfs, items, and any other entity that uses ownership. I hope this bug gets fixed before the 1.14 full release. If you need to see this in action look at the video in the attachments.

      Thank you.



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