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Wrong Tropical Fish Variants Named


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      In 18w33a names were added for Tropical Fish.  There are 22 names and 22 most common fish variants, but there are 3 common variants that do not use a unique name.

      These are White-Silver SunStreak, Red-White Kob, and White-Gray Dasher.  The three names that don't correspond to common variants are Tomato Clown, Triggerfish, and Yellowtail Parrot.

      I'd guess they would either want to change the common varieties to use these 3 or change the named varieties to include those 3 instead.  It seems like at the least Tomato Clown would make more sense for the Red-White Kob than for the Red-White SunStreak, seeing as the regular Clownfish is a Orange-White Kob.

            cojomax99 [Mojang] Cory Scheviak
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