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Strange placing and removing blocks after respawning, especially redstone system and sands


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    • Minecraft 18w32a
    • Minecraft 18w31a
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    • Java 8 25 64bit

      Windows 10
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      After respawning, placing blocks and removing works strangely.

      How to reproduce

      First you need to kill yourself and respawn. Then place some blocks about redstone system or fallable blocks, for example,

      • Place a redstone line and a button near it, then the redstone and the button disappear. Place any block at the grid they disapeared, the block is unable to be placed and the redstone or button appeared. Click the button, and then they disappeared again.
      • Place a door, then it disappeared quickly. Place any block at the grid of the disappeared dor, the block is unabled to be placed and the door-half appeared. You can also place a button near the door, click and find that the button and the door disappears. If its a wooden door, click it and then it disappeared.
        • If you break the basis or the disappeared door, you can see the door's particle.
      • Place a trapdoor, then put a button near it, click the button and then they disappear. If the trapdoor is wooden, it works normally if you click it directly.
      • Place a redstone line and another redstone line near it, then they disappeared. Place any block at the grid they disappeared, the redstone may appear but sometimes not connected.
        • Rails, too.
      • Place a fallable block (such as sand, anvil), and if it will fall, then it disappeared. Place any block at its destination, then the fallen block appeared.

      If you reenter the world and do not respawn, anything is normal.

      Picture #1(54.03): The door reappears strangely.

      Picture #2(55.11): Before the trapdoor and the button disappear.

      Picture #3(55.14): The trapdoor and the button disappear, after clicking the button.

      Picture #4(55.49): The redstones reappeared, but does not connect correctly.

      Picture #5(22.42): The two redstones reappeares, but does not connect correctly.

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